Motivated by the changing composition of the atmosphere, our research focuses on studies of atmospheric chemical processes, with attention given to the multiphase chemistry occurring on surfaces and with aerosol particles and clouds. A new research interest is the chemistry of the indoor environment.

Latest Publications

A New Approach to Characterizing the Partitioning of Volatile Organic Compounds to Cotton Fabric

Jie Yu, Frank Wania, and Jonathan P. D. Abbatt. Environmental Science & Technology (Mar 2022)


Photoreaction of biomass burning brown carbon aerosol particles

Carolyn Liu-Kang, Peter J. Gallimore, Tengyu Liu and Jonathan P. D. Abbatt. Environmental Science: Atmospheres (Feb 2022)


How should we define an indoor surface?

Jonathan P. D. Abbatt et al. Indoor Air (Editorial, Jan 2022)


Wildfire atmospheric chemistry: climate and air quality impacts

Stephanie R. Schneider and Jonathan P. D. Abbatt. Trends in Chemistry (Jan 2022)


Thirdhand smoke from tobacco, e-cigarettes, cannabis, methamphetamine and cocaine: Partitioning, reactive fate, and human exposure in indoor environments

Kristen Yeh, Li Li, Frank Wania, Jonathan P. D. Abbatt. Environment International (Dec 2021)


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