Motivated by the changing composition of the atmosphere, our research focuses on studies of atmospheric chemical processes, with attention given to the multiphase chemistry occurring on surfaces and with aerosol particles and clouds. A new research interest is the chemistry of the indoor environment.

Latest Publications

Iodine emission from the reactive uptake of ozone to simulated seawater

Stephanie R. Schneider, Pascale S. J. Lakey, Manabu Shiraiwa and Jonathan P. D. Abbatt. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts (Jul 2022)


Ozonolysis Lifetime of Tetrahydrocannabinol in Thirdhand Cannabis Smoke

Kristen Yeh, Jenna C. Ditto, and Jonathan P. D. Abbatt. Environmental Science & Technology Letters (Jun 2022)


Multiphase Ozonolysis of Oleic Acid-Based Lipids: Quantitation of Major Products and Kinetic Multilayer Modeling

Zilin Zhou and Pascale S. J. Lakey et al. Environmental Science & Technology (Jun 2022)


Gas- and Particle-Phase Amide Emissions from Cooking: Mechanisms and Air Quality Impacts

Jenna C. Ditto, Jonathan P. D. Abbatt, and Arthur W. H. Chan. Environmental Science & Technology (Jun 2022)


Behavior of Isocyanic Acid and Other Nitrogen-Containing Volatile Organic Compounds in The Indoor Environment

Chen Wang et al. Environmental Science & Technology (Jun 2022)


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