The Abbatt Group and Alumni at IAC2018

Elijah and Zilin attended the 10th International Aerosol Conference (IAC 2018) held in St. Louis, MO from September 2-7. Elijah presented his research on photochemical aging of light-absorbing biomass burning aerosol and Zilin presented his work on the condensed-phase ozonolysis of an unsaturated triglyceride. During the conference, the Abbatt group had a reunion with alumni around the world. Hope to see you all again in the next conference!

(Photo credit: Nadine Borduas)

From left to right: Elijah Schnitzler, Rachel Chang, Sarah Styler, Nadine Borduas, Joel Corbin, Zilin Zhou, Ryan Sullivan, Jay Slowik, Luis Ladino, Alex Lee, Jenny Wong. (Photo credit: Nadine Borduas)