Group News

The Abbatt group welcomes two new students!

Steph Schneider and Zilin Zhou joined the Abbatt group as MSc  students this fall. Steph did her BSc at the University of Alberta, where she worked in the Styler Group research reactive oxygen species formed on dust. Her research in the Abbatt group will focus on using CIMS to study reactions that take place at the sea surface microlayer. Zilin did his BSc at the University of Ottawa, where he did undergraduate research at the A.E. Lalonde accelerator mass spectrometry lab. His work in the Abbatt group will focus on indoor-relevant chemistry of Criegee radicals with fatty acids.

Chen, Jennifer and Megan attend ACCESS XIV

Chen, Jennifer and Megan attended the 14th ACCESS meeting held at Brookhaven National Lab on Long Island during July 27 - 31. They presented their research to the group of 25 ACCESS participants and then attended the Gordon Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry in Newry, Maine. It was a great week!


Jennifer leaves for Wooster

Jennifer has moved on from the Abbatt group to the College of Wooster in Ohio. She will start this fall as an assistant professor of chemistry, where her research will focus on the chemical composition and reactivity of rain water. Check out her group website!


Rachel, Emma, Rio and Megan presented their work at the 17th annual Environmental Chemistry Colloquium on May 1 and 2. Students, post-docs and faculty in Environmental Chemistry come together at ECC to hear about all the great work being done in our department. The ECC was held at Miller Lash House this year, and despite the rain we all enjoyed ourselves!


Welcome Chen and Elijah

In April the Abbatt group welcomed two new post-docs!


Elijah did his PhD at the University of Alberta, where he studied atmospheric aggregates from the molecular-scale to the nano-scale in aerosol particles. His research interests in the Abbatt group focus on mechanisms of absorption in brown carbon.


Chen completed her PhD at UTSC with Prof. Frank Wania, where she studied the impact of salts on phase partitioning of atmospherically relevant molecules (Sets-"CHEN"-ow constants). In the Abbatt group, Chen is studying SOA formation from cigarette smoke.


Megan goes to the CATCH meeting

In April, Megan attended the first CATCH workshop in Guyancourt, France. The emerging IGAC activity called the Cryosphere and ATmospheric CHemistry or CATCH aims to bring together scientists studying the chemistry, biology and physics in cold regions. It was a great meeting!