Field Measurements

NETCARE (the Network on Climate and Aerosols: Addressing Key Uncertainties in Remote Canadian Environments) is a large NSERC-funded network investigating the roles of aerosol particles in clouds and climate. Jon is the Principal Investigator of the network, which brings together investigators from across Canada and from international groups as well. Please take a look at the NETCARE website for more details. The NETCARE research projects that students and postdocs in the Abbatt group are performing involve aircraft aerosol measurements in the Arctic, gas and aerosol measurements from the Amundsen icebreaker, and snow chemical characterization from Alert, Nunavut. We are particularly interested in the sources and sinks of black carbon to the Arctic and the sources of natural Arctic aerosol, such as from oceanic emissions.


This project has been completed. The NETCARE datasets are open access and located at Government of Canada website. Alternatively, the datasets are also accessible through this link.